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Discover a better way to drink at home

Create unique craft cocktails and mocktails using our all natural shrubs.  The easiest way to make bar quality cocktails and mocktails in the comfort of your home.

"If New England Tiki was a drink style"

wick'ed (adj.) Boston slang; very, really, totally going beyond reasonable or predictable limits, of exceptional quality or degree.

bess (adj.) Trini slang; sexy, awesome, boss, the object of everyone's affection; sort of like best but better.

All natural ingredients

Made by hand in small batches

over 10+ years industry experience


Our handcrafted shrubs are hands down, the best shortcut for making delicious bar quality cocktails at home.

Happy hour at home in an instant! Mix pour garnish!

Take the guesswork out of your next creation

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Just add

1 oz Shrub 

2 oz of your favorite Spirit +  a splash of soda water

to make amazing refreshing

bar quality cocktails

Happy hour at home has never been so easy

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  • Make perfectly balanced cocktails like magic.

  • Simple and effortless

  • No special ingredients or tools required!

Unique and inspired flavors

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  • When your tired of drinking the same old thing.

  • Easily create unique upscale variations of margarita's, mojito's and moscow mules!

Handcrafted Artisan Shrubs

Delivered right to your door

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back (you keep the product), no questions asked


Raise the level of your home bar

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