There is a better way to drink at home.

Transform ordinary drinks into artisan craft cocktails and mocktails

wick'ed (adj.) Boston slang; very, really, totally going beyond reasonable or predictable limits, of exceptional quality or degree.

bess (adj.) Trini slang; sexy, awesome, boss, the object of everyone's affection; sort of like best but better.

When you love the craft, but don't have the time or the tools.

We know you don't always have time to juice fresh limes, make fancy syrups or muddle fresh ginger, but you love the way they taste in a drink. Well, Wicked Bess Shrubs are made for you by hand with love and in small batches.  These all in one mixers are designed to empower you with the ability to transform the ordinary into the exotic. Now with just 1 part shrub, 2 parts your choice of vodka, rum, tequila or whiskey and a little soda water, you can experience the feeling of creating a delicious fresh tasting craft cocktail in the comfort of your home.  Or, replace the booze with more soda water for a deliciously complex mocktail. Try one today! You won't be disappointed.

We deliver the prep work right to your door.

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The good, the bad and the bess.

Impress your family and friends by giving them something they will remember.   Unlike traditional mixers filled with chemicals and the ones that need you to add additional fresh ingredients (if you have to add fresh lime or grapefruit juice, what's the point?), each batch of Wicked Bess shrubs are made from carefully selected all natural ingredients and meticulously designed to be a complete all in one mixer.  Allowing you to recreate with ease, a well crafted specialty cocktail made by a professional bartender.  Wake up your taste buds and make every sip something to celebrate.  Now that you have your secret,  hit the "shop now" button and go be a cocktail hero.

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Handcrafted Artisan Shrubs


Pear, lime, ginger & jalepeno shrub

Crisp & refreshing, this versatile blend quenches thirst likes its a job.  Add to your next vodka and soda and let the fresh ginger and jalepeno be your tour guides for a moscow mule adventure.


Each 4oz bottle will make at least 4 cocktails.


Loves: soda, vodka, rum,  tequila

Grapefruit, cinnamon, lime & ginger shrub

Sweet sour and a little bitter. Add to tequila and soda for the paloma of your dreams.


Each 4oz bottle will make at least 4 cocktails.

Loves:  Tequilla, vodka, rum, soda

Blackberry, orange, mango & ginger shrub

A perfect blend of fresh tart blackberries and tropical mangos. Orange is the bridge, and ginger provides the bite. Prepare to giggle with delight after each sip. Mix with your favorite whiskey and soda and blow your guests away each and every time.


Each 4oz bottle will make at least  4 cocktails.

Loves: Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, soda

Strawberry, kiwi, lime shrub

Strawberry kiwi and lime oh my! A journey down the Wicked Bess road ends in a flavor paradise.  Tropical , tart, sweet and refreshing all in one sip.   Add to a glass of sparkling wine for a delicious strawberry kiwi spritz.

Each 4oz bottle will make at least 4 cocktails.

Loves: soda, sparkling wine, vodka, tequila, rum

Pineapple lime mandarin & habenero shrub

It's tropical and spicy! Makes tequila sing


Each 4oz bottle will make at least 4 cocktails.


Loves: soda, vodka, rum,  tequila

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked


Every shrub starts with love and an oleo sacchurum. It's the backbone upon which all other flavors will rest.


We use the cold press method to maximize the freshness flavor. It takes a little longer but it's worth it.


In addition to apple cider vinegar, we use blends of red wine, champagne, and white wine vinegars infused with various spices to add layers of flavor.


Each recipe is developed with a meticulous trial and error approach and  scientific precision.

The Wicked Bess (my) Story


William Caines

Head Shrub Maker

My Parents were born and raised in Four Roads, Trinidad and Tobago. They grew up only a few houses away from each other at a time and place where the roads were made of dirt and you had to walk to get water. Both of them at different times in their lives, took a giant leap of faith and moved to the United States in search of a better life. As fate would have it, they both ended up in Boston. They met up again years later, fell in love, got married, and had me.  It's probably taken me far too many years to see myself as an actual byproduct of the American Dream.

Growing up outside of Boston, some of my fondest childhood memories involve summer days at Walden's Pond. In between dips in the pond, we would pick berries or snack on the assortment of fruit my mom always packed: peaches, plums, pears, and mangoes. My uncles would bring homemade ginger beer and later these would become shandys. At the time, it never occurred to me that none of the other families on blankets were dipping their fruit into spicy pepper sauce.

Years later, my passion for shrub making sprang out of my passion for bartending and seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they enjoyed a well made balanced cocktail. For me, that balance became the grail; when all the spicy, sweet, earthy and acidic flavors come together they harmonize like Boys II Men. Once I discovered shrubs, they quickly became my secret sauce for creating intricate, well balanced, delicious cocktails quickly and with ease. With all the hard work done ahead of time, when the doors were open, all I had to do was pour and focus on my guests.

2020 has been an interesting year of introspection and being forced out of my comfort zone.   A desire to move away from where technology has taken us; to rediscover the value of human hands put to work; and to create something that makes people smile has led me to this venture. The final product containing nuances of flavor and designed to balance the spirit, will transform your beverage of choice into a delicious craft cocktail or mocktail experience.


William Caines


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