Shake the bottle well before you pour. The ingredients are all natural and will settle, so give it a good hard shake to make sure and mix it all up.


I designed the shrubs to work with 1 oz of shrub for every 2 ounces of liquor, but you don’t need to use ounces. As long as the ratio of booze to shrub is correct, the drink will be balanced. Instead of ounces, just think parts ( 1 part shrub for every 2 parts liquor ) and a part can be whatever your heart desires. Just don’t forget the last splash of soda water or water that simulates the dilution of a shaken cocktail. 

soda water.png


If you’re drinking as a mocktail then it’s 4 parts soda water or water and 1 part shrub. The 4-1 ratio also works well for beer or sparkling wine.  If you're set on using ounces but you don't have a jigger (bar measuring tool for ounces), a good home hack is knowing that 1 tablespoon = ½ oz.

Copy of soda water(1).png